November 30, 2022
  • November 30, 2022

A Dubai Real Estate Company Is Increasing The Utility Of Its Crypto

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GBR, a blockchain-based ecosystem focused on the real estate, gas and oil sectors, officially launched its initial coin offering (ICO) just a few days ago. Through the project’s official website, early investors can now purchase the project’s native crypto token, GBR Coin (GBR).

GBR is an all-inclusive Web3 framework for the real estate, gas and oil industries. The team behind the project has made significant progress over the past two months towards their goal of becoming the leading crypto payment gateway in these industries.

Investors willing to invest in the project at this early stage will need to act quickly as the team has shortened the duration of their ICO to 2 months. This comes after it was originally planned to remain open to pre-sale investors for the next 4 months.

The GBR team intends to use distributed ledger technology to overcome some of the key barriers in the gas, oil and real estate industries. Issues such as lack of transparency, inadequate data security, frenzied transaction processing times, and more, are just some of the major issues identified by the team and solved by the GBR platform. .

Token holders will be able to transact within the GBR ecosystem using the GBR token, which is minted on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain – a “Layer 2” Ethereum (ETH) scaling solution that reduces significantly lower transaction costs with the GBR token and increases transaction speeds within the ecosystem.

Initially, these transactions will be limited to the real estate sector and will include the investment and purchase of properties. Later, the types of transactions supported by the ecosystem will be extended to the oil and gas industry.

What sets GBR Coin apart from other cryptocurrencies in the market is the ecosystem’s underlying algorithmic trading bot.

This trading robot is an automated software that analyzes and trades the markets to predict and react to ever-changing financial market conditions. By doing so, the ecosystem’s native trading bot will help reduce the volatility of GBR’s price – a problem that not all cryptocurrencies manage to overcome.

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The team behind the GBR project has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. Additionally, the project headquarters is based in the United Arab Emirates, one of the top 10 oil producers. This means that the GBR ecosystem is perfectly positioned to enter and dominate the oil and gas industry.

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