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  • EAST-O Holdings disrupts real estate management in the MENA region, launching an integrated proptech platform

EAST-O Holdings disrupts real estate management in the MENA region, launching an integrated proptech platform

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  • The platform has recorded more than 55,000 reservations and more than 25,000 service requests since its creation

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: EAST-O Holdings, the technology division of Eltizam Group, recently launched “PropEzy”, a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform to manage customer experience and optimize property management operations in the MENA region.

Conceptualized in the United Arab Emirates, the application was developed to merge different technology platforms used to manage the built environment into a single integrated product for managing community, property, security, workplace and installations. An all-in-one solution, PropEzy helps the residential and commercial real estate industry globally to effectively reduce costs and increase return on investment for asset owners and operators.

Uros Trojanovic, Divisional CEO of EAST-O Holdings, said, “We have identified a gap in the market by creating a suite of integrated products that ultimately lead to a multi-functional system, bringing together all stakeholders involved in the operation of a residential or commercial building. . PropEzy is an industry-leading platform that provides a consolidated solution to effectively streamline and reduce operational expenses. Our launch partner companies in the United Arab Emirates supported our R&D phase, allowing us to develop a fine-tuned application with sophisticated functionality to fully optimize day-to-day business operations.

The initial product suite built from this partnership includes three products that can operate standalone or in an integrated platform, including: PropEzy Community, PropEzy Workplace, and PropEzy Property. They are redefining the market by collectively improving customer service and satisfaction through digitized processes, while strengthening engagement and communications.

EAST-O Holdings is constantly evolving with the goal of further improving this current platform into a proptech operations super-app, which would accelerate customer and business success through data-driven decision-making. Today, three of the five planned products have been launched, following a strong development pipeline in line with the product roadmap.


About PropEzy:

Founded in 2019 by a team of technology and real estate professionals at EAST-O Holdings, PropEzy is a unified platform where the built environment converges with breakthrough technology to create a complete solution for all real estate asset managers. . Based at ADGM Abu Dhabi, the team works to design scalable products that prioritize the success of all current and potential customers and their businesses. Following a successful rollout across the UAE in 2022, global expansion plans are underway with entry into Egypt scheduled for Q3 2022. Read more about propezy.com Where LinkedIn.

About EAST-O Holdings:

EAST-O Holdings is the technology arm of Eltizam Group which manages three business segments, including OrionTEK, a systems integration and intelligent solutions company; PropEzy, the company’s proptech business and finally, the internal digital transformation of the Eltizam Group through its corporate IT function. EAST-O Holdings develops and implements technology in the world of built assets so that its stakeholders’ assets generate the most value and is constantly evolving to ensure that it remains at the forefront of global technology trends.

About Eltizam Asset Management Group:

Eltizam Group, a joint venture between International Holding Company (IHC) and ADQ, was founded in 2009 and is the region’s leading physical asset management company and an investor in the built asset environment. A technology-focused investment group comprised of four holding companies, Eltizam holds significant investments across the MENA region in facilities management, property management, energy management, prop-tech, smart building technology and disruptive technology. Learn more at eltizam.com or LinkedIn.

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