October 4, 2022
  • October 4, 2022

How to choose the right real estate agency in Dubai?

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Dubai, the city of luxury, can be an interesting investment based on emerging real estate trends. The city has no limits to opulence, and you can find it even in apartments or villas. Locations such as Palm Jumeirah, Downtown, Dubai Marina, Business Bay, etc., are favorites of some property investors. Business and elite people from all over the world have started investing in real estate in Dubai, probably due to the high return on investment.

After purchasing a property, owners will not pay any additional or recurring taxes in the future, only one-time property registration and transaction fees. This makes houses in Dubai extremely affordable and, more importantly, profitable compared to other major cities that get rich on regular taxes.

Why choose Dubai as an investment option?

  • It attracts 15.93 million annual visitors.
  • It is a gateway connecting 2.4 billion consumers in the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and East Africa.
  • The world’s leading city for visitor spending is $30.8 billion.
  • 100% repatriation of invested capital and full profit has been obtained.
  • 100% ownership of foreign companies is permitted.
  • The yield is up to 8% to 10% of the rental yield.

A potential property can bring you a windfall in less time. To find the property of your dreams, you can opt for a real estate company that anchors you to your expectations. Walking around town might not help you find the perfect deal, so assign an agent to make it easier for you.

However, finding the perfect real estate agency in itself is a task. The internet is full of promising real estate agencies, but you need to choose one that will provide you with your dream property. Since not everyone can afford to own a piece of Burj Khalifa, you need a perfect guide to other parts of Dubai.

Know how to choose the right real estate agency in Dubai

  1. Determine the experience of companies

When searching for the perfect agent, your industry experience should be your top priority. Having a proven track record of satisfied customers is a sign that you have chosen the right company. Check out their testimonials and portfolio for their background.

  1. Law enforcement

Check whether or not your real estate company complies with UAE laws and regulations. Dubai is known for its strict laws which make the real estate sector safer for investment purposes. If you are ready to invest, be sure to check the total price of the property. Under Dubai Property Law, possession costs include the mortgage as well as government and agency fees.

  1. Investment cost

Make sure your real estate company offers various ownership options within your budget. The average price of townhouses and villas in Dubai is between $1.5 and $16 million, and apartments cost between $280,000 and $2.9 million. Dubai offers a wide variety of properties for investors of all sizes.

  1. Financial aid

If your real estate company helps you financially, you cannot ask for anything more. It is not a question of lending you dirhams but of helping you with the loan process or suggesting the best ways to save you exorbitant expenses.

  1. Investment plan

Real estate investments are not a daily job, so you need a proper investment plan. This plan covers all aspects of your investment, including ownership, loans, objectives, financial risks, and insuring against them.

A wide range of properties are available

You can have various properties, and one of the best yields comes from off-plan properties in Dubai that are under construction, and you will take possession of them once the construction is complete. During the process, you can pay for your property in installments.

“Dubai is a lucrative investment hub now and for the foreseeable future. The high return on investment is attractive to investors who come with protected assets. Structural Defects Insurance with Bond Guarantee for New Homes actually a safer investment, especially in off-plan properties.” Mr. Saeed Al Qadi, CEO of Homebond Properties.

The UAE also provides good infrastructure and legislation that respects the rights of all; investment opportunities and business growth, and ongoing and recurring government initiatives that support the economy to encourage the influx and residence of expatriates in the country.

Investor appetite for Dubai is outsized these days, making the city a hub. Long-term investments in the UAE are the way of the future, and you can get them with the right real estate company.

Homebond Properties is here to help you find the right property developer and choose the project that suits your budget, your needs and your location requirements. With an extensive portfolio of properties to rent or buy in Dubai, Homebond Properties can be your ideal partner on the property investment journey.

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