October 4, 2022
  • October 4, 2022

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Every real estate professional has embraced technology, if not by choice, then by necessity.

For me, it has made my life much easier, ensuring that the properties I have listed are exposed to a growing group of savvy internet buyers.

But from time to time, I still have this nagging feeling that this ease could limit my role as an agent.

Instead of clients looking in our windows and then telling us about a property, by the time we get to the first conversation they have a comprehensive understanding of what is on offer, and our role is reduced almost to that of a Touristic guide.

Thank goodness the feeling doesn’t last long.

I use online to reach people I never could reach before, and I produce online content to encourage them to call me.

One of the most important tips is to create a niche market for each property.

Although buyers may be looking in a particular suburb or region, not all homes will suit them. Establish the niche for each home you list. Some may be appealing to childless couples looking for a first home, others to those with school-aged children, adult children living at home, and so on.

For example, a family with two teenagers and a dog and a couple with a baby and no pets may each be looking for a three-bedroom property, but with completely different requirements.

Write every online ad as if you know who the buyer will be. Put yourself in the mind of the buyer and what they are looking for.

Make sure your copy reflects how friendly and helpful you are. There are first-time home buyers who may not know how to go about buying a home or what questions to ask.

Consider this consideration in your social media engagement. Use Facebook and Twitter to not only showcase properties, but also to tell people what they’re looking for in a property and share local real estate news with them.

Track and analyze trending research online. All online SEO companies conduct regular research into what their users are doing and thinking. For example, research shows that half of internet users who surf the internet scroll directly past homes without prices. All of this research means you may need to adjust your sales strategy or even come up with something new.

The bulk of your online presence should focus on the one thing people can’t get on the internet: service.

Nothing will replace the personal touch that only you can bring to a transaction.

Adrian Bo is a licensed agent and auctioneer, founder and author of the sales training academy.

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