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Ravi Kewalramani is flying high with his ever-growing real estate company RK Mumbai Realtors

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The company has been a leader in the real estate market since 1988, having been remarkably successful in this area.

The real estate industry is huge and has been growing exponentially for several decades. A few industry professionals have done exceptionally well around this space, Ravi Kewalramani being one of them. He is a second generation real estate consultant who runs his more than three decades real estate company ‘RK Mumbai Realtors’ which has done extensive work in the field of buying and selling commercial and residential properties covering areas ranging from from Bandra to Andheri in Bombay, Maharashtra.

“RK Mumbai Realtors” was established in 1988 by Mr. Chandru Kewalramani who took the company to heights within a few years. Today, the company is run by his son Ravi Kewalramani who has catapulted the real estate company to the skies with his expertise which has created its solid reputation in the Mumbai property market like no other. It is interesting to know how Ravi, who spent more than a decade in the United States, from 2000 to 2011, took his company to the heights of success after taking over the reins.

Ravi says that the explosion of digital media, especially social media, has played an important role in getting businesses to reach their target audience to a large extent, and he has used this powerful medium to publicize his real estate company among good users. base. About his astonishing success, Ravi says, “I have always had a passion for real estate and have taken a keen interest in learning about the architecture and interior designs being executed across the world, so when it comes to It was all about choosing the right career option, there was nothing better than real estate because I’ve always been inclined towards that, and it’s also in my blood. time, backed by hard work, which has taken RK Mumbai Realtors to such dizzying heights of success.

Ravi Kewalramani has had the privilege of working not only for TV and film celebrities, but also for a few princes and maharajas whose identities he has kept secret for privacy and security reasons. Today, social media is abuzz with posts from Ravi and his real estate company, which he continues to upload regularly, and surprisingly, he has also become a hugely successful social media star that has reached over 200,000 subscribers on Instagram and over 25,000 on Youtube. His straightforward approach to property development won him a massive following, which helped his business grow further. Moreover, he is recognized on the streets, which proves that he is nothing short of a celebrity now.

Ravi says he has a systematic way of working things, as he chooses projects that are authentic and have a clear title. Plus, he inspects all the paperwork and performs a dozen preliminary checks to make sure his clients get the best deal. “We have a collection of independent lawyers and firms that handle the legal documentation that ensures clients are safe with respect to their investments,” says Ravi, who says his business is built on relationships and that at every transaction, he builds one with his customers for life.

Visit the official website of RK Mumbai Realtors, www.rkmumbairealtors.com or contact them through their official Instagram account to find out more.

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