September 30, 2022
  • September 30, 2022

Summer social posts to boost your real estate business — RISMedia

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At the start of a new season, it’s important to adapt your social media strategy to relevant and timely topics. Summer is a hot season for buying and selling homes, so it’s important for agents around the world to carefully consider their social media and marketing strategy, and add seasonal content to the rotation.

From hosting warm-weather events to curating seasonal content, here are some summer social media posts to help you make a sale, reach new customers, and connect with your sphere.

Share summer house maintenance tips
Summer is the season for outdoor activities, from daytime pool parties to evening fireside s’mores. For many homeowners, it is very important to ensure that the exterior of their home is ready for the welcome. Whether they’re looking for gardening tips, outdoor repair guides, or a lawn care checklist, make sure you are the first source of inspiration.

An agent’s job doesn’t end at closing, and staying in touch with past clients can only help your real estate business. Sharing seasonal home maintenance tips is a great way to stay relevant to your past clients, providing value long after they move in.

Organize or attend community events in warm weather
Summer is the perfect season to host or attend outdoor events and connect with your community. Whether you choose to host a charity event or head downtown for a local fair, it’s important for real estate agents to showcase their presence and interact with people in your area. You never know who you will meet and what their home selling or buying needs might be!

Attending or hosting events for your community will help establish you as a local authority while improving your credibility and authenticity for any potential new clients. Share these events on your social accounts to attract your audience and be sure to use your branding. Take photos (even videos!) to share on social media to thank community members for participating.

Organize an open house barbecue
Warm weather definitely attracts more potential buyers for open houses, so why not take advantage of it? Instead of a typical open house with scheduled appointments and bottled water, take advantage of the season and host an event. Get burgers, dogs, and fire up the grill for an open house BBQ!

It’s the perfect way to not only socialize with potential clients and neighbors, but also give interested buyers a taste of what they can expect if they purchase the home. If the house has a large yard, patio, outdoor kitchen, or fire pit (or all of these features), you can emphasize the functionality of the yard space. Ultimately, hosting an open house like this will set you apart from the competition.

Create summer-themed social posts
Do you have a blog full of consumer-focused content? Maybe you send out a newsletter every week, month or quarter. Whichever platform you choose to share mainstream content on, be sure to share it on your social media accounts, not only to get more views, but to reach more leads and ultimately account, generate more business.

Throughout the summer, consider adding seasonal content, from home maintenance (mentioned above) to local activities and businesses they can enjoy in the warmer weather. Sharing this type of content, especially if it’s locally focused, will showcase your expertise in the market and illustrate your connection to the community.

Paige Brown is RISMedia’s Content Editor. Email him your real estate news ideas at [email protected]

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