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VR experience to improve the shopping process

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VR experience to improve the shopping process

The display home experience is improving in New South Wales, with news that Montgomery Homes is implementing virtual reality into its display home experience.

As part of the brand’s virtual reality tours, potential and future homeowners now have the ability to view and experience their home before construction is complete, the company reported.

The experience was facilitated in partnership with EnvisionVR, a world-leading virtual reality platform for showcasing unbuilt properties.

There will be 11 house models available as part of the experience, with buyers providing a realistic 1:1 scale of the property, allowing them to experience each area of ​​the house with the aim of providing them with a true understanding of the size , space and scale of the property, among other things, reported Montgomery Homes.

Key to the user experience is the ability to walk through the property in an unobstructed space without cords or cables posing the threat of injury.

Not only can viewers receive the full virtual reality experience at multiple Montgomery Homes locations, but through the EnvisionVR app, they will also be able to access the app from a range of different locations, including their current residence or the vacant block on which their future home will be built.

In addition, customers will be able to undertake the experience, which will allow them to see inclusions and finishes such as fittings and color, as well as view a range of floor plans on offer, with an agent who can guide them. in their potential home.

Jamie Montgomery, general manager of Montgomery Homes, said the introduction of the virtual reality system should give customers peace of mind during the buying process.

“Overall, Montgomery Homes has over 250 models available,” he said. “But with only 28 homes physically on display, it can be difficult for customers to visualize their potential new home.

“Our new virtual display offering removes this barrier, with our essential 1:1 scale ensuring customers have a complete idea of ​​the size and layout of each room to aid in their purchasing decision.”

That sentiment was echoed by company ambassador Shaynna Blaze, who said the virtual reality system is a great tool that will help first-time home buyers make informed decisions.

“For many people, buying a property is the biggest investment they will make in their life, so this is a great tool to help them understand the spatial awareness of their property.

“We’ve seen other options before where buyers can sit down at a computer and preview a property,” Ms Blaze said.

“But it’s completely different because shoppers can walk into the space and walk around to give them a real idea of ​​what they’re going to buy.

“The technology is extremely realistic, even in the detail of walking around coffee tables, which is great because it can be difficult for people to visualize the finished product.”

Mr. Montgomery concluded that it was crucial for the company to continue to innovate and adopt new technologies to help provide the best possible service and experience to its customers.

VR experience to improve the shopping process

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