November 28, 2023
  • November 28, 2023

Tulum Real Estate Company announces the first commercial drone flights in Mexico

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Los Amigos de Tulum, a Quintana Roo-based real estate agency, has announced plans to offer commercial drone flights to tourists. This will be the first time that a company has offered such flights to tourists in Mexico.

Company founder and chairman Nico Wilmes spearheaded the project when he paid a Chinese manufacturer around $500,000 for a prototype drone before the pandemic began. With the pandemic mostly in the rearview mirror, the project continued.

Wilmes expressed enthusiasm for the project, and he went on to say that some of his team members are in Mexico City to finalize details with the Federal Civil Aviation Agency, after which test flights can finally begin.

The drones will be able to carry two passengers and fly a total of just under 22 miles, which is perfect for sightseeing. The drones also run on sustainable energy and emit very little CO2.

Tulum has had some negative press lately, mostly due to a moderate increase in crime, but that hasn’t deterred tourism much. During the summer, Tulum had around 822,000 tourists and the US State Department considers it relatively safe.

If all goes well, commercial drone flights should be available to tourists by early 2023.

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