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  • Indian man who conquered overseas real estate business shared the stage with SNEH DESAI in India for the first time

Indian man who conquered overseas real estate business shared the stage with SNEH DESAI in India for the first time

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Ahmedabad (Gujarat) (India), January 11: Sneh Desai, a man who has dedicated his life to adding values ​​and transforming people’s lives through his invaluable, life-changing workshops, invited SUNIL TULSANI: “THE RICHEST COP” in Canada.

There is a story behind why people call him THE MOST WEALTHY COP.

Sunil Tulsiani, Honored Person of Canada, is a former Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) detective turned real estate investor. After 15 years in the force, he left because he was spending too much time at work and not enough time with his family. Sunil turned to real estate investing, buying and selling 77 properties in its first year alone. These iconic things made him known as “The Wealthy Cop”; this beloved moniker has stuck to this day.

Today, Sunil is a multi-millionaire investor who aims to help others achieve financial freedom through his membership and mentoring programs.

Sunil spearheads the Private Investment Club (PIC), which is the largest elite real estate investment club in North America. He is an international speaker, bestselling author and business coach. Sharing the stage with Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, Brian Tracy, among others. It has been featured on Forbes, USA Today, The Toronto Star, CNBC, Fox Business News and has been featured on Breakfast Television (CP24). He is the 7 time award winning bestselling author who has co-authored books with Dr Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and many more.

Sneh Desai, prominent life coach and business coach from India, hosted a workshop titled “THE SUPER RICH” on January 9, 2022, where he guides people “How to create wealth from the mind, no time ”.

In this exceptional workshop, Sneh created the history of the Indian training industry by inviting and sharing the stage with none other than SUNIL TULSIANI, an Indian who conquered the real estate industry abroad and made the people proud. Indians.

Sunil provided inspiring and insightful knowledge to generate passive income through real estate which caused the storm during the session. Together, Sneh and Sunil brought a revolution to the stage; it was an exciting and historic experience for the participants to see an international trainer in India for the very first time.

It was a huge surprise to the people who attended this workshop. They were fascinated and speechless to have witnessed two legends of the same scene. Everyone felt it to be one of the best experiences of their lives. They not only changed the plan to attract bountiful wealth, but also got some amazing strategies to achieve it.

Sunil Tulsani also shared his experience of sharing the stage with Sneh Desai for the first time in India. Here is what he said: “Sneh, you look younger than your age and you are full of energy. I really enjoyed watching you live and you add a lot of value to people’s lives.

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