November 28, 2023
  • November 28, 2023

The Height of Apple – A Top Name in the Real Estate Industry

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You cannot deny the fact that a beautiful building with a marvelous design always attracts people and the chicer it is, the more ability it has to make people curious about the interior. The height of Apple, a professional in this field is to help you with solutions for your dream space.
About Apple Size
Apple’s height has been an established name in the real estate industry since 2006. The company is based in Ludhiana, Punjab and is part of Parasmani Group. As a company aiming to provide quality service, employees work as a team for different projects across the country. The company has expanded its reach in different areas, thus making the company a top choice in the real estate industry.
Apple’s Height has mastered building fantastic and wonderful architectures over the years and the dedication and passion to make their work perfect is quite evident through the buildings the company constructs. They have already completed many projects ranging from the construction of massive buildings, commercial buildings to villas and many more.
A center of attraction in the heart of Ludhiana, the building is a hotspot for different business chains, restaurants and food chains, and more than 10,000 people visit the place daily. Apple Heights meets high quality expectations for a grand and elegant architectural structure, using modern technologies to add overall efficiency while maintaining the latest elevators, security systems and encouraging the use of sustainable resources by incorporating small details. The location of the resort is just perfect with an airport just a short drive away. Also, the entire resort is surrounded by fancy restaurants, luxury hotels, shopping malls, and big uptown areas. The company partnered with PM AWAS YOJANA and was able to deliver over 100 houses in Ludhiana.
Projects delivered by the company
Projects delivered.
• Height of Apple, Zirakpur
• Apple Villa, Ludhiana
• Affordable Housing Smart City, Ludhiana

Upcoming projects by the company
• Height of Apple, Ludhiana
• Apple’s Height Phase 2, Zirakpur
• Large market, Ludhiana
Apple’s villas are spread over a vast area of ​​almost 10 acres and the design and construction of the villas are very remarkable. Apple Villas are one of the most spacious accommodations in Ludhiana.
They follow a 7-element module to create their designs. The company believes that a proper air ventilation system, proper treatment and filtration of water flow, encouraging maximum use of the natural light system, smart workspaces for ultimate comfort, open spaces Encouraging fitness routines, a suitable offer for nourishing options and beautiful landscapes for a peaceful sight and mind are the main motto behind every design the company works on. Well-planned layouts and beautiful, effective designs are the specialty of the company’s designs. The layout of buildings intended for commercial use is decided after considering all the ways to make it comfortable and productive for both small workspaces and larger ones.
Talking about some of the upcoming projects of the company, they are about to launch phase 2 of Apple height in Zirakpur after the massive success of Apple height. In addition, this time they intend to focus on creating a somewhat more spacious parking lot and pedestrian plaza. Another highly anticipated project the company is working on is High Street Market, which is located in a populated area and they plan to build two-storey freestanding stores this time.
Apple’s size has already established a solid foundation in the real estate industry, and its work efficiency is quite evident from the company’s success and power in this field.

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